Tobias Zürcher - 352 - Feb 12, 2015

Hi demis,
we are building an api with ss. the client are mobile apps and a webbrowser app based on angularjs. we don’t want to use cookies. after reading the documentation I expect to be able to login and then send in the future calls the ss-id in the http-header (X-ss-id). somehow i couldn’t manage to get it work. 
i’m not sure if this is a bug or if i misunderstood your documentation.

anyway, i’ve writte a test to simulate what i want to do:

I think the expectation i’ve from the documentation can’t work because it will add a TemporarySession if there is no ss-id found in the cookie in

Thanks for any help in advance!

Yeah this was an issue that’s been resolved in this commit:

It’s resolved in the v4.0.37 pre-release version that’s now on MyGet:

Tobias Zürcher:

thank you demis. we are using the preview version now and everything is ok! hope this is pushed to the official nuget repo soon! thx for your fast response, apprechiated!