Trying to get MicrosoftGraphAuthProvider working

I have MicrosoftGraphAuthProvider working all the way to the point it does the callback. You specify that the callback url should end in /auth/{0} however I cannot add the {0} part in azure portal as it then says this is an invalid url. Really would like to get this to work, any thoughts?

Figured out how to do it, just had to replace the {0} with my provider name. Have authentication working and redirecting, how do you use what this does to authenticate the JsonServiceClient?

Hi @mikeg,

That is for the provider generic configuration to replace {0} with the name of the auth provider. When configuring the callback with the external provider, you’ll want to provide the exact path, in this case /auth/microsoftgraph since {0} uses the Name of AuthProvider. See the OAuth Config for the different ways of configuring the callback URL in your app either generically with oauth.CallbackUrl, specifically with oauth.{ProviderName}.CallbackUrl or directly when instantiating the provider in code.