Typescript DTO generation fails with DTO of arrays

I have a problem with Typescript file generation writing out insufficient angle brackets when my response contains a list.

I have a very small API exposed here ( http://flashcardapi.eladaus.com/api/types/typescript ) in which all responses are inheriting from one of two base classes , UnitResponse (with a single <T> Result property) or ListResponse (with a List<T> Results property) depending on whether the result should be 1 or many.

See however, that the payload generated is incorrectly formatted (missing a closing “>”):

export class ListPayloadResponse<TPayloadDto> extends Array<Response<TPayloadDto> <–MISSING BRACKET HERE
// @DataMember(Order=2)
total: number;

// @DataMember(Order=3)
offset: number;

// @DataMember(Order=4)
results: TPayloadDto[];

. Is this a bug in the template generation?

You can see what the endpoints look like here:



Actually, I have realised that I was incorrectly applying the IReturn interface to the RESPONSE classes, and that in turn I think made the parsing blow up - the swagger api dcoumentation worked okay, but the servicestack typescript generation was probably bombing out because of my poorly declared objects.

Close this one off for now

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