Typescript exporting class "string"

My DTO is being generated with type string in it:

export class string
    public rendered?: string;

    public constructor(init?: Partial<string>) { (Object as any).assign(this, init); }

I only have a couple of response classes in the project. The only system types I am using are DateTime & ExpandoObject (to handle unstructured property content with a lot of nesting). But they don’t seem to be the cause.

I can’t see why it would generate this class but it causes error in my Typescript app.

I tried adding:

ExcludeTypes: string

but it doesn’t make any difference.

I am currently on 6.9.0

Sorry figured it out. I had class

public class Guid
        public string? Rendered { get; set; }

I think it got confused with system type. I renamed it and now it doesn’t export class tring.