Typescript ServiceStack Reference

Continuing the discussion from Typescript and String Enum Support:

Any news on enum support or support of more recent versions of Typescript when generating ServiceStack Reference DTO’s etc?

It would be very useful to have.


Vote for the feature request so we can measure interest and you can receive notification updates of that feature.

Thanks, I already have.

The feature request doesn’t have a timeline / release / status attached that I can see. Its great to have the ability to suggest features but it would be useful to know the state of the feature request. For example not currently planned, will be implemented, won’t be implemented, analysing effort, next minor release, next major release etc.

That way we’d have some kind of indication if / when something might be coming down the pipeline and where the feature is in your planning process.

There’s nothing planned in the immediate future.

We don’t provide any timelines on future features, but features that will never be considered/implemented are immediately closed. So it’s still an open feature request with low priority.

From the release notes this is supported from v5.2: