UI Controls for new project

Hey, i am going to be creating a web app with services that have alot of requirements. the main one being, to be incredibly searchable. yes there are alot of techniques, etc. but i was wondering if i purchased a package from Telerik DevCraft Complete, for $1500 whether its worth the money and time.

in the past i have used VS 2010, Telerik controls for asp.net web forms app; Telerik was a great at not having to use Microsoft web app controls as they were buggy and did not do enough after alot of wated time happened.

anyway the current ‘decision’ is whether i go with VS 2017, Microsoft (whateve) or buy an additional product like Telerik, Infragistics, whatever setup for a asp.net core 2 web app solution.

There is going to be normal CRUD DTO’s, web scraping, Microsoft SQL, AD & Azure, probably Stripe for subscriptions and other technologies.To be clear, i was going to use Microsoft (whatever) and ServicStack with there 3rd parties, but wanted to be sure about other technologies that should be used from the beginning; like Telerik, Infragistics, etc.

Note: this is not entirely a money issue, i have the OK to spend $1500, nothing more. Thanks ahead for your opinions.

I think the only UI controls I paid for was Sencha Touch at the dawn of iPhone/Android when I was tasked to create an iPhone/Android App, the UI was ok on an early iPhone but unusablely slow on Android. So wouldn’t choose it again, if I needed to create x-plat Mobile Apps now I’d use Flutter or React Native.

In terms of rich UI controls I’m most impressed with Vuetify, it’s a free popular rich Material Design control library for Vue Apps which I used to effectively build all of TechStacks with in very little time. The source code is available at https://github.com/NetCoreApps/TechStacks which is well documented to go through how it used Nuxt/Vuetify/Vue to build different features. It makes it easy to build beautiful looking rich UIs with high-level controls that share the same consistent approach to validation making it very easy to add client validation rules + apply server errors next to its respective field.

Because it’s been so productive we’ve created a few Vuetify Templates for .NET Core and .NET Framework.

I looked at buying those UI packs but decided not to as money was an issue. Instead I use Angular Material components which covers most things and the code feels well organised. The only downside of angular material is the grid is pretty poor which I think you will find with a lot of component libraries even paid ones. Instead of using material grid I use ag-Grid which is extremely good. It is well documented with a lot of built in features and is highly customisable. There is a free version that includes most of what you need but if you have the budget then going with the enterprise version will save you a lot of time. I don’t have the budget so I just took the free version and then coded my own version of the enterprise features that I needed like server side paging and column controls. The other good thing is the default filters match AutoQuery RDBMS so I wrote a wrapper function and now I can just drop a grid into my app and all of the sorting and filters just work without any additional code which is kind of awesome.

I wanted to thank you for responding to this thread. Againh a very big thanks.

thanks for responding. what is a ‘material design’ control?

They’re designed to follow Google’s material design theme, so everything looks slick and consistent by default.