UI Feature breaks URLs that start with 'ui'

We have had some issues with a blank page appearing, when the page should be served. The reason is that when I go to https://site/ui this is the same as https://site/uitleg-over-vanalles-en-nog-wat

It seems that the UiFeature plugin takes over every url that starts with ‘ui’, regardless of anything that follows.

Disabling the UiFeature with

Plugins.RemoveAll(x => x is UiFeature);

Shows the normal page.

Yeah, as with all built-in routes you’ll need to disable API Explorer in order to make use of the hard-coded routes it uses.

You should also be able to change it to use a different path (e.g. /api-explorer) with:

    feature => feature.HtmlModule = new("/modules/ui", "/api-explorer"));