/ui not working in Safari


/ui not working on Safari (M1, Monterey 12.3.1) - shows empty page, should show login.
Works fine on Edge (Version 100.0.1185.36 Official build arm64).
Selfhost, net6.0, hosted on aws ubuntu ec2.

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Hi @masterit,

Can you look in the developer tools console to see if there is a JavaScript error and share it? I don’t have an M1 based system to test on directly, but I can get our demo apps to load successfully on my Intel based Safari (version 15.3 on macOS 11.6), can you also give that a try and share any errors you might see?

Could you confirm if you are using MyGet 6.0.3 or current latest NuGet 6.0.2 as well? Thanks

Also works without issue on the iPad, must be website specific.

I’m on 6.0.3.

Same behavior on iPhone as on Safari. However your link opens without problem, so it must be something specific. I’ll try to track it down.

Developer console show errors. All blockers are disabled. Url is https://api.penoblak.net/ui

We fixed a RegEx issue like this in v6.0.3 a long time ago, how long ago did you download v6.0.3?

Can you try clearing your NuGet packages cache to make sure you’re using the latest v6.0.3:

$ nuget locals all -clear

Cleared all NuGet caches, same behavior.
Only thing that I have customized in UiFeature is BrandIcon Uri anc Cls. Nothing changes when I disable these also.

How can i help?

On x new selfhost test project it works fine.
I’ll try to dig this out.

This isn’t using the latest version, it’s still serving the outdated version of https://api.penoblak.net/js/servicestack-client.js which doesn’t contain the fix added in February:

This is what a recent version should look like:

Yes, it is possible that old version is live.

What is strange is that I’ve cleaned nuget cache and started project in Rider on my local machine (Win10). Then I tried to browse to win10 /ui from mac and same happened again.

I’ll try to build on new pc with clean installs.