Understanding charges AWS when using SQS and S3

I tried to use the SQS and virtual file provider for S3 with ServiceStack.
I now notice that I am rapidly charged with unclear requests in AWS Billing. Only after a few days I had more than 200.000 requests on SQS while I actually didn’t use it, although I did register the AmazonSQSClient. Same for the virtual File Handler (S3). I see lots or list requests while I currently have only 2 files on it and impossible to have more than 5000 request for a couple of days…
Is this because once registered there is a kind of timer to check AWS?
I used the free tier for both services and now already above my limit, while the usage was basically none.

The last 12 hours on S3:

I see lots of gets and lists every hour. The current system has 2 files… and they are not regulary watched/get to say the least, certainly not every hour…

Yeah SQS needs to poll so it still makes a lot of calls even when there’s no messages being sent.

By default it polls every 1000ms but I’ve just made it configurable in this commit which you can configure with:

new SqsMqServer(...) {
    PollingDuration = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10),

This change is available from v5.4.1 that’s now available on MyGet.

Ok thanks.
And how to explain the S3 calls? Around 40 every hour?

If you’re using S3VirtualFiles then it’s used on filesystem lookups, i.e. many requests trigger filesystem lookups to check if the HTTP Request is for a file/folder.