Unique identifier for request


I’m looking for a way to assign a unique identifier for each request. I would like to maintain some data per request for short period of time after the request had been responded. I need it for collecting user experience from the client.

My client is thick WEB app running on AngularJS.

I’m interested to know if ServiceStack already has something alike or I should implement this functionality by myself.

Thank you

Take a look at the RequestLogsFeature which keeps a rolling log of Requests, either in memory or distributed in Redis and exposes a /requestlogs service where you can query previous requests. Each RequestLogEntry is assigned a unique Id which could be used to track a request.

Thanx, @mythz. The matter is that I like to collect information on the client and send it to the server for storage. In some cases the collected information has to be merged with a data that was used during (one of previous) request processing. So, I would like to send that request id as part of the collected information and do the merging on the server. “Request Logs” feature can serve as example how to collect requests, but it’s pure server-side feature and unfortunately its identification scheme isn’t accessible from the client.