Upgrading to ServiceStack 8.0

I’m currently using SS 6.11, and all my projects and libraries have these in their .csproj file:


When upgrading to SS 8.0, I’ll change to:


Some apps need to target net6.0 but will depend on libraries that now use SS 8.0.

Should I expect a lot of problems?

I’ve looked at this page: ServiceStack v8

I don’t see any breaking changes.

Do you recommend upgrading?


I wouldn’t expect any breaking changes no. Some of our templates have been upgraded to include newly supported features like ASPNET Core Identity Auth, but using this isn’t required. Do you remember what project template you started with? Eg, is it a plain web application or blazor?

We recommend keeping up to date when you can, some updates might require more work than others, but generally changes required (if any) are very minor. Let us know if you do happen to run into any problems.

Plain web app, Console applications and some Library projects that reference ServiceStack Interface and Text.

I’m not using Blazor.

Nothing really complicated.