Uri Hendler - 11 - Mar 20, 2015

Anyone else having problems with the ServiceStack MyGet feed?

The feed reports package ServiceStack 4.0.39 is available, but the nuget download URL https://www.myget.org/F/servicestack/api/v2/package/ServiceStack/4.0.39 gives a 404 BlobNotFound error.

Weird must be a MyGet bug since CI Server build logs says each package was successfully pushed. I’ll re-deploy.

MyGet seems to be having a few issues today as deploying failed mid-way through a few times today. The last deployment succeded so you can now fetch the updated version on MyGet.

Uri Hendler:

Today, there are again no packages in the MyGet feed.
I’m assuming it’s another failed deploy due to MyGet bugs.

Can you do another deploy? Thanks

hmm weird, anyways the latest version just finished deploying to MyGet.

Uri Hendler:

Have you asked MyGet to investigate? If it’s not caused by an error on your CI server, they probably have a bug somewhere.