Usage of ApiAllowableValuesAttribute

Hi I’m trying to use this overload …
public ApiAllowableValuesAttribute(string name, Func<string[]> listAction)
but it seems is not a valid signature for an attribute
How can I use it ?
thank you

There’s an example for using it to annotate enums in the SwaggerTestService:

public enum MyColor

public class SwaggerTest
    [ApiAllowableValues("Color", typeof(MyColor))] //Enum
    public MyColor Color { get; set; }

Note metadata attributes is a compile time constants so you can only specify built-in constant data types, not delegates. So constructors with delegates can only be called in code.

I know
ApiAllowableValuesAttribute(string name, Func listAction)
can only be called in code, I wanted to know how .

I managed to do it this way using AddAttributes … and it works

typeof (GetCountriesProjection).GetProperty(“RequestedFields”)
.AddAttributes(new ServiceStack.ApiAllowableValuesAttribute(“RequestedFields”, () => typeof(CountryProjection1).GetProperties().Select(p => p.Name).ToArray()));

ok yeah that’s how you would add the attribute at runtime.

Yes, I guess it’s the only way you can go to use that constructor overload .