Use CacheClient only for Auth?

I understand that the session cache is using the registered ICacheClient automatically.
But is it possible that I only use the registered OrmLiteCacheClient for the auth sessions and not for the regular caching I want to do (I want it to be in memory).
So basically, can I choose which provider to use for Auth caching and for regular caching of things?

The Session always uses the registered ICacheClient but you can a Local In MemoryCache Client with the base.LocalCache dependency, e.g:

return Request.ToOptimizedResultUsingCache(LocalCache, cacheKey, expireCacheIn, 
    () => {
        //Delegate executed only if item does not already exist in cache 
        //Any response DTO returned is cached on subsequent requests

Which is also available with the [CacheResponse] attribute:

[CacheResponse(Duration = 60, LocalCache = true)]

But there is no option to use a different cache except for the Local InMemory Cache.