Usign ServiceBusMqServer to Azure Queues, how to set ScheduledEnqueueTimeUtc

i use the BackgroundMqService with a Azure Servicebus.
I want to set this property called ScheduledEnqueueTimeUtc, how can i do that ?

I need to set this property uniqueu for each message that I publish

I don’t understand, if you’re using Background MQ, what does this have to do with Azure Service Bus?

sorry i ment ServiceBusMqServer.
We changed from BackgroundService to the servicebusmqserver.

And when publishing messages we need to set the ScheduledEnqueueTimeUtc

container.Register<IMessageService>(c => new ServiceBusMqServer(

You can use the ServiceBusMqServer.PublishMessageFilter delegate to customize an Azure ServiceBus Message before its sent.