Using Log.PushProperty in a request context

I would like to know if its possible to use the Log.PushProperty in the context of a request.
I want to avoid using the same statement again and again.

Don’t know what you mean, but it’s unrelated and has no knowledge or dependency on IRequest.

I want to push the same property (key and value) across http request.
So when ever I use, the same properties will be pushed.
Instead of re-declaring: using (Log.PushProperty("trace_id", "my id")) every time I call log.debug, I want to do it once per http request…

You can’t replace the static loggers, but like anything you want to use across the entire Request Pipeline you can create a custom logger and store it in IRequest.Items dictionary (e.g. in a Global Request Filter) which every Filter or ServiceStack Service in the Request Pipeline will have access to.

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