Using Logging and Profiling admin-ui in combination with PascalCase


I’m trying to take advantage of the /admin-ui tooling. I have the problem that my website needs to use PascalCase (HostConfig setting UseCamelCase = false). But using this PascalCase the Logging and Profiling does not work (it shows ‘No results’ while there are results, only json in PascalCase instead of CamerCase).

Is there a way to fix this, so use PascalCase and have a working Logging and Profiling in admin-ui?


I can take a look to see if it’s something that can be supported easily, are you getting an JS Errors in the console or just seeing empty results?

It just says: " No Results".
The Post response from /api/AdminProfiling does contain results but under the name Results instead of results.
It is easy to reprocudes with “HostConfig setting UseCamelCase = false” in any .Net Core app with Logging/Profiling.

The Admin UI should now have better support for PascalCase JSON in the latest v6.11.1+ that’s now available in our Pre-release packages.

Awesome! That works :+1:

I first didn’t know about this profiling. My bad, but I tried to use Miniprofiler like in .Net Framework.
I found this page:
Here the link to is dead. Maybe it is usefull here to advise for .Net core to use this profiling instead of the Miniprofiler. The Miniprofiler itself did work but I couldn’t get the SQL logging to work because I couldn’t convert System.Data.IDbConnection to System.Data.Common.DbConnection.
I don’t need the Miniprofiler anymore with this new profiler.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ve removed the dead link and added a note to checkout the newer Profiling & Logging UI.