Using SSL/TLS certificate for Redis authentication

Is it possible to configure use SSL/TLS client certificates for Redis authentication? Cloud providers such as RedisLabs or the official Redis Docker containers allow clients that present a valid certificate, private key and CA certificate can be authenticated without a user / password. e.g using redis-cli :

$ ./redis-cli --tls --cert redis.crt --key redis.key --cacert ca.crt -p 6379

I can use SSL as an encrypted transport but I can’t seem to find anyway to configure it as an authentication mechanism. Is this something that can’t be done in ServiceStack yet?

Steve H

It doesn’t let you specify a custom certificate to use but you can implement a custom Remote Certificate Validation Callback to validate the Server’s SSL Certificate with RedisConfig.CertificateValidationCallback, see:

Thanks @mythz, but this is more a question about authentication.

i.e instead of a user / password clients can present a certificate, key and CA file and be authenticated to the Redis server. I’ve got SSL communications working but certificate-based authentication seems not to be available in Service Stack.

No it hasn’t been implemented, you can submit a feature request for it at: