Using the redis client with redisgraph

Is it possible to communicate from ServiceStack Redis client to radisgraph?
I’m looking for a simple communication kind of client. send queries and get results.
nothing fancy.
A simple example will be very appreciated.

Whenever there’s no built-in support for a redis extension like Redis Graph the only option are to use the Redis Client Custom APIs.

The Redis Graph docs suggests it should work.

So I tryied it.
The query that I run, return only one result.
See the path I had to go through just to get a property.

Is this issiue known to you? is there a de-serializer that knows how to shrink it?

In node-js the result is very basic. I know servicestak was not meant for redisgraph, but maybe i am missign something here.

The Custom APIs return a generic RedisText and RedisData result set which you’d normally have to parse to extract the results the custom API you’re calling returns.

There are some helpers in RedisDataExtensions.cs which can try coerce the generic data structure into strings or into POCOs.