v4.5.14 FileSystemVirtualPathProvider

Trying to upgrade to v4.5.14 (from v4.5.7). Running into the breaking change indicated in your release notes about FileSystemVirtualPathProvider begin deprecated. Trying to figure out how it should be enabled in AppHost Configure() with the RazorFormat() plugin…

Basically, previously we would pass in this which was the AppHost. Now we need string or DirectoryInfo obj for the new FileSystemVirtualFiles. What is the appropriate string/DirectoryInfo to use?

In the AppHost.cs >

public class AppHost : AppHostBase
    // note: removed constructor
    public override void Configure(Container container)
       // bunch of handlers configured
       LoadPlugin(new RazorFormat 
            LoadFromAssemblies = { typeof(AppHost).Assembly },

            //prior to v4.5.14 we did this.
            //VirtualFileSources = new FileSystemVirtualPathProvider(this)
            //after it is something like this, however need a string or DirectoryInfo
            VirtualFileSources = new FileSystemVirtualFiles(this)


It just needs the physical root path where you want it to start from, where you’d normally want:

new RazorFormat
    VirtualFileSources = new FileSystemVirtualFiles(Config.WebHostPhysicalPath)