v5.1.0 Released!

v5.1 Release Notes

As these Release Notes ended up being quite long, the release notes includes a Table of Contents so you can quickly jump to any sections you’re interested in:


Dart and Flutter!

  • Flavors of Dart
  • Dart ServiceStack Reference
  • Example Usage
  • Rich Generated Models
    • JsonCodec compatible
    • Default Constructor
    • IConvertible
  • JsonServiceClient
  • JsonWebClient
  • IServiceClient API
  • HelloFlutter App
    • HelloFlutter UI
    • Standard API Requests
    • Authenticated Requests
    • JWT RefreshToken Requests
    • AutoQuery Requests
    • Generating Unknown Types
    • Auto Batched Requests
    • Binary Requests
  • Angular Dart



New Single Page App Templates!

  • Nuxt.js
    • ServiceStack Integration
    • Getting Started
    • Dev Workflow
    • Update DTOs
    • Generate Static Production Build
    • Publishing App for Deployment
    • Host static content on Netlify’s CDN for free
    • Nuxt Templates
  • Vuetify
    • Vue App
    • Vue Nuxt App

The New TechStacks

  • Resilience of ServiceStack
  • Netlify CDN
  • AWS LightSail
  • ServiceStack Community Resources
  • The new Community enhanced TechStacks
  • ServiceStack Community Changes

Solution Highlights

  • Deployments
  • Client / Server Validation with Vuetify
  • Extensible AutoQuery Services

Background MQ Service

  • Using Background Service to send Emails
  • Replaying Messages
  • MQ Status

New Vue Components

  • Vuetify Markdown Editor
  • Beautiful, free Hero Backgrounds
  • Image Upload Vue Component

Stripe Gateway


  • Accept arbitrary JavaScript or JSON Objects
  • Populate Objects from Read Only Dictionary
  • Support for [EnumMember]


  • Support for SQL Server 2012 Sequences
    • SQL Server Dialects
  • Auto populated Guid Ids
  • Select Multiple Join Alias Tables
  • Support for [Unique] and [UniqueConstraint]
  • Order by dynamic expressions
  • New BeforeExecFilter and AfterExecFilter filters
  • Typed Sql.Cast() SQL Modifier
  • Typed Column and Table APIs
  • Dapper Upgraded
  • New Live Create Table Schemas Example

.NET Core Extensibility in WebApps


  • Support for multiple Audiences
  • New JWT APIs


  • Native Type Wildcards
    • Include Request DTO and its dependent types
    • Include All Types within a C# namespace
  • Use a different BaseUrl
  • Call Internal and External Services from URLs


  • Logging
  • ServerEvents Client
  • Sessions
  • Minor Features

Open API


Patch Release Versions

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