v5.2.0 Released!

This release includes support for .NET Core 2.1, number of performance improvements with internals rewritten to use .NET’s new Span<T> Memory Types, all SPA Templates upgraded to utilize latest CLI projects, new simpler zero-configuration Parcel SPA Templates, exciting enhanced capabilities added to ServiceStack Templates - providing a fun and productive alternative to Razor, more capable and versatile Web Apps, a minimal multi-user .NET Core Blog Web App developed in a real-time live development workflow, enhancements to Swift, Dart, TypeScript end-to-end Typed integrations, support for the latest 3rd Party dependencies, and lots more.

Checkout the table of contents below to jump to and read more about features you’re interested in:

Table of Contents

Spanified ServiceStack

.NET Core Templates

ServiceStack Templates Remastered

New in Web Apps

New Blog Web App

Templates Admin Service

New Template Filters



Add ServiceStack Reference



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Many of the TOC links are broken.

@lucuma I’ve updated the links, thx. Can also use TOC on top of release notes page.

easy peasy upgrade for us in our main core2.1 project. love it. ty

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