v5.6 is Released!

Many features in this release are focused on providing a more enjoyable, integrated and refined development experience for creating ServiceStack Apps.Starting with Modular Startup to enable a “no-touch”, layerable composition of ASP.NET Core Apps, the mix dotnet tools for being able to add hand-picked features with a single command from its extensible library of composable features.

Unified Navigation allows features to provide even deeper integration into your Apps and its native navigation renderers makes it effortless to maintain your Apps dynamic navigation menus across ServiceStack’s most popular App types.

High-level UI Controls available to Sharp and Razor Pages Web Apps as well as rich client Component Libraries for Vue, React and Angular Apps provide an integrated experience for User Input Validation and App Routing and Navigation.

The new SVG support takes care of maintaining libraries of SVG image-sets to produce optimal .css bundles and a variety of different ways to easily make usage of SVG images into your App without any reliance on external or build tooling.

The easiest way to take advantage of these features is to create a new ASP.NET Core Project Template which have them pre-configured along with integrated Auth including auth-redirect flow of protected Service APIs and Pages.

#Script has gained a number of exciting features, graduating it to where it’s now our preferred way to create cross-platform shell scripts that’s now an enjoyable productive experience with the real-time feedback of watched scripts. However its most exciting new capability is being able to Run Desktop Apps from Gists! Resolving many of the disadvantages of Desktop Apps along the way, which are Always Up-to-date, requires no install, can be run from URL of a Gist, GitHub Repo or Release Archive or when needed, offline, using the last run version.

The same Sharp App can also be run cross-platform on Windows, macOS and Linux and hosted on a Server that can be deployed and updated in the easiest process imaginable thanks to its built-in support for publishing and installation.

We hope you love these new features and can’t wait to see what new creations you build using them :slight_smile:

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FYI, TOC links from this post are to https://docs.servicestack.net/, not https://docs.servicestack.net/releases/v5.6 - so internal links aren’t working.

Updated. thx for the heads up!

I noticed that when using mix, it’s not creating directories correctly on my Mac, it uses the backslash so then creates files like “ServiceInterfaces\ContactServices.cs”, instead of a ContactServices.cs file inside a directory ServiceInterfaces. Also the directions say to use as an example: mix new sharp Acme, but that doesn’t work for me after installing mix. I had to use mix init instead.

The mix dotnet tool only applies gists, to create new projects you’d need to use the web or app tools, e.g:

$ web new script Acme

I’ve updated the docs. I’ve also updated the dotnet tools to fix paths when writing gists from v0.0.34 which you can update with:

$ dotnet tool update -g mix