V5.7.0 Released!

The official v5.7 release of ServiceStack with support for .NET Core 3 that a lot of you have been waiting for is now on NuGet. It also includes Async support for Server Events which should now be preferred when running on .NET Core 3 to avoid sync Response writes.

Please see the full Release Notes for the finer details:


Most of the focus for this release was on adding multiple languages and .NET Scripting support to #Script which now has first class support for #Script Code and Lisp! which should broaden its appeal to more use-cases thanks to its unique dynamism and extensibility characteristics.



Regarding ORMLite,

New OrmLite Packages have been published that makes use of Microsoft’s alternative Microsoft.Data.SQLite

  • ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite.Data - Sqlite provider that uses Microsoft.Data.SQLite

Can we use that new SQLite package in a Xamarin.Forms Apps ?

Mobile OS’s aren’t a supported platform, I’ve heard of OrmLite.Sqlite being used in Android but it’s unlikely to work in iOS due to its JIT restrictions.

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FYI, .NET Core 3.1 LTS is out today, so you can update your templates now. I know it’s easy to do it ourselves, but just wanted to let you know.:wink:

Yep already RT’ed their announcement, doing some testing with it now.

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FYI All .NET Core Project Templates have been upgraded to .NET Core 3.1 LTS:

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