v5 MyGet packages seem to have a constant version number

It seems that newer builds in the MyGet feed don’t increment the version number.

If this is correct, it means that NuGet doesn’t detect any updates. It also leads to broken builds and unpredictable behavior.

I just noticed that this is actually the documented behavior: http://docs.servicestack.net/myget

Wouldn’t it be better to add the build number to the version number, i.e.

MyGet is used only as temporary storage of latest fixes and it holds only one version which is a pre-release of next version. If you need installed MyGet package and want to update to the latest one you have to clear nuget packages cache with nuget locals all -clear and restore packages again.

I’m fully aware of that, but they tend to stay there for a while, and I can’t see any reason that the version number shouldn’t be updated.

This is how we do our pre-release packages, MyGet holds the latest packages which we publish to several times a day, we only ever have 1 version of, the latest. Builds aren’t predictable because the old version is nuked before we publish the new version. If you need the latest MyGet version you need to clear your NuGet cache before restoring as documented. The NuGet version is generally 1 version ahead so a NuGet update should get the latest from NuGet after its published, its not in this case for the first v5 release because both will be v5.0.0.

Fair enough. I added nuget locals all -clear to our build scripts for now. BTW, is there any ETA for 5.0.0?

The latest v5 release is on MyGet atm, we don’t have an ETA on when we’re publishing to NuGet.