ValidatationFilters is ignoring custom errorResponse DTO

In this thread/commit you add a call to RaiseServiceException in case of Validation error / rule violation.
After that change, now a rule violation triggers custom(s) serviceExceptionHandler, but if one of those handlers return a custom error response, it will be ignored by the new version of the ValidationFilters line 23

HostContext.RaiseServiceException(req, requestDto, validationResult.ToException());

var errorResponse = DtoUtils.CreateErrorResponse(
	requestDto, validationResult.ToErrorResult());

var validationFeature = HostContext.GetPlugin<ValidationFeature>();
if (validationFeature != null && validationFeature.ErrorResponseFilter != null)
	errorResponse = validationFeature.ErrorResponseFilter(validationResult, errorResponse);

res.WriteToResponse(req, errorResponse);	

why are you discarding a possible custom response from the handler and always creating a brand new one instead without checking?

What about to change it as following:

 var errorResponse =  HostContext.RaiseServiceException(req, requestDto, validationResult.ToException());
errorResponse = errorResponse ?? DtoUtils.CreateErrorResponse(
    	requestDto, validationResult.ToErrorResult());

Yep sure changed in this commit

FYI you can click on line-number in GitHub or shift+click to create a link that highlights multiple lines of src

FYI this change is available from v4.0.43+ that just finished deploying to MyGet.