Virtual File System and streaming

I was reading your answer in this SO question [Partial Content support both in directly serving Static files][1]
for the streaming .
My question. The VirtualFileSources (FileSystemVirtualPathProvider) will understand from the file type (e.g. mp3 )
that a stream should be enabled ? (if the Config.AllowPartialResponses is in their default value =true )
or I should declare it somewhere ?
I call the static content from RawHttpHandlers

                     RawHttpHandlers.Add(req =>       
                           if (req.PathInfo.ToLower().StartsWith("/locations/"))
                        return new StaticFileHandler
                            VirtualNode = VirtualFileSources.GetFile(req.PathInfo)
                          return null;

Also another small question.
Can I create also an alternative FileSystemVirtualPathProvider in appHost and to redirect there a request from HttpRawHandlers , using both the VirtualFileSources or the alternative ?

thank you

Yes the Static File Handler supports partial HTTP Range Requests. The FileSystem Provider is an adapter over the file system, it can return any file. The MimeType for MP3 file extension is also pre-registered. Please read the Virtual FileSystem docs on how to register multiple virtual file systems.