VS Add-In no longer working

I’ve noticed the ServiceStackVS Add-In doesn’t seem to work on the latest version of Visual Studio. It installs fine, but no ServiceStack project templates show up when creating projects.

ServiceStackVS only contained older .NET Framework templates and are no longer included, you can create .NET Framework project templates online at https://servicestack.net/start-netfx

Or with x new dotnet tool:

$ x new

I was looking to create a .NET Framework app. Is the add-in no longer supported? .NET Framework templates aren’t showing up.

I did find that link and used it to create my project. :slightly_smiling_face: (Although, the included dependencies were pretty outdated!)

ServiceStackVS enables Add ServiceStack Reference support, the templates were removed in order to support VS 2022 which broke the solution that was used to embed templates, .NET Framework templates are only available from the above solutions or the https://github.com/NetFrameworkTemplates repo which is where the tools create the templates from.

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