VS2019 Support for ServiceStackVS

Are you planning on updating ServiceStackVS so it can be found/installed on Visual Studio 2019?

Please vote for the VS2019 feature request so you can get notified when it’s done.

In the meantime all functionality and a lot more is available from the web dotnet tool.

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The latest release of ServiceStackVS v2.0 now supports VS2019, quick preview at:

Hi @mythz,
I notice that the new version of the extension for VS (see the image below), both 2017 and 2019, is now in trial. What does it mean? That in the future I’ll need to pay to use the extension on Visual Studio?

Thanks a lot.


The functionality is the same and the extension will always be free, the paid label became an obtuse bright red in VS 2019 and looked like a danger or warning sign which I didn’t like, so I switched it to trial since you can trial ServiceStack free without a License, I’ve now switched it to free since the extension itself will always be free.

Thanks a lot @mythz

I just installed ServiceStackVS in Visual Studio 2019 Extension. It shows it’s installed but I’m not seeing it anywhere. No project templates. No Add Typescript Reference.

What am I doing wrong?

Not sure, this is the first I’ve heard of it not working after it’s installed in VS 2019. Did you restart? Does it appear in the Extensions > Manage Extensions?

If you search for ServiceStack does any projects appear in the scrollable list?

Don’t really know what else you can try other than uninstalling/reinstalling it again. But all functionality is available from the web and app dotnet tools.

The only project templates inside ServiceStack VS are .NET Framework projects. For the newer .NET Core projects you’d need to use the web or app dotnet tools, where all ServiceStack project templates can be created from.

The web dotnet tool can also be used to create and update ServiceStack references, here’s how to integrate it as an External Tool:

Shows up in Extensions > Manage Extensions

Doesn’t show up in the Create a new project dialog.

Using Visual Studio Professional 2019 16.2.3

Oh well, I’ll just use the command line tools as you recommend.

They show up fine for me:

So it seems after upgrading to the latest version of Visual Studio Professional 2019, I now see this in Create a new project dialog. However, it’s still not available in the context menu as shown below from your website:

This is the one I was really hoping to have access to.