Vue lite template - how can I define template of component to have intellisense enabled

I would like to use the template for my project based on “vue-lite” but first can someone confirm is it possible to define vue component templates in a way that there is some intellisense enabled?

I see that in the project template the component templates are defined as below which makes harder to manage the correctness of template definition.

@Component({ template:


I use Rider for most of my .NET Projects which provides HTML syntax highlighting within the template string, e.g:

But it doesn’t provide vue specific intelli-sense, but it’s not something I miss or think about as I’m generally using the live preview for real-time feedback when updating the templates.

To maximize intelli-sense you could move most of the logic out of the template (e.g. in computed properties) to access TypeScript’s intelli-sense. Logic-less templates is also generally the recommended practice for views, which I’ll generally do but not something I strictly adhere to.