Vue-Vite auth problem

I’m experimenting with Vue-Vite template and it seems that authentication has a bug.
Steps to reproduce:

  • x new vue-vite ssauth_test
  • no code modification just run server and npm run dev
  • go to http://localhost:5173/signin and login with existing credentials
  • Sign Out
  • try to Sign In again but use the wrong credentials
  • instead of standard “Invalid Username or Password”, the error message is “Value cannot be null”
  • then if the page is refreshed, everything works as expected (an error message is “Invalid Username or Password” for wrong credentials)

I have one more issue with this template but I am not sure if it is by design.
When the user is signed in and refreshes the page that requires authentication, there is a short redirection on /signIn page. This is not noticeable on the template until the application becomes “havier” with resources.
I have cosole.log in invalidAttrRedirect function, and the redirect is logged every time a page that requires authentication is refreshed:

On profile page refresh:

Should be resolved in the latest vue-vite after upgrading the deps.

The routing is by design where route guards are used to validate Authorized routes, which seemed like the best place to enforce it at the time. But the whole template is customizable if you find a different solution that works better for you.

Thank you,
all good after deps upgrade.