Wayne Brantley - 135 - Feb 25, 2014

In servicestack, you used to be able to prepend oneway in the url to do a request to an endpoint.  Is that still possible?  


Wayne Brantley:

Yeah, that does not work for me.  
If I go to /mycustomapi/someservice/sometihng/20 and that url is valid.
However, if I go to /json/oneway/mycustomapi/someservice/sometihng/20 I get an error of:

{“responseStatus”:{“errorCode”:“NotImplementedException”,“message”:“The operation ‘someservice’ does not exist for this service”}}

The custom routes for your services do not apply to pre-defined routes, just the ones you define.

The pre-defined route is strictly for identifying your Service, e.g:


Assumes your Request DTO is named ‘MyCustomApi’.  After that you would need to use the query string (i.e. not the /path/info) to populate the Request DTO from a url, e.g:


yeah the predefined routes are described on:
a correct url would be /api/json/oneway/someservice?blah=x

Wayne Brantley:

Ah…probably should thrown that on those doc pages.  I did go there before asking.  Thanks!