Wayne Brantley - 495 - Jan 31, 2014

I am using a piece of software that requires a license file to be present.  I had just included that file on my website without issue.  In order to simplify deployment, I decided to embed this file in my solution.  Once I did I started getting this in my logs:

WARN  ServiceStack.VirtualPath.ResourceVirtualDirectory - Virtual file not found: mydefaultNameSpace.MailLicense.xml

Yeah that’s just a warning that the embedded resource file cannot be resolved by the VFS for whatever reason - it doesn’t have any other effect.

Dan Barua:

Your logging framework might be able to mute or dial down log messages from specific classes and namespaces, I know NLog certainly can.

Wayne Brantley:

Well, I did not figure it had an effect, but probably something that should be looked at?  I mean it is in the file, it is accessable, the other software locates it just fine.  It looks this used to be an exception and cause issues, but now it is a warning - as there are numerous stackoverflow questions (unanswered) with this same issue.  Rather than trying to hush the warning, I thought you might want to fix the issue that is causing it?  Seems if you simply add an embedded resource in the root of your project it causes it, so pretty easy to reproduce?  Up to you of course…just my 2 cents…

ServiceStack VFS already serves embedded resources, this warning is unique to your project.
Post a repro on https://github.com/ServiceStack/Issues and I can take a look. But I was just trying to let you know, it’s just a warning and doesn’t have any effect to your project.

Wayne Brantley:


Wayne Brantley:

It may take me a while to create a project, add the resource, add the logging, etc.   I figured it was common and happened to ever project being there were a number of people reporting it on SO.

Wayne Brantley:

Well, I created a project from scratch.  It was MVC 5 and used lastest servicestack.  I could not get it to output that error message.  I am running MVC3 on one I am getting error on.  Anyway, not sure what causes this to log on some solutions and not others - so for now I am just hiding it as I can’t spend anymore time trying to find it.