Wayne Douglas - 222 - Oct 3, 2014

Hi - I want to use ember simple auth and servicestack auth. I have managed to get it working with credentials but have no idea how I would get something like this working with facebook auth. what is the recommended method for client side libraries like this to do auth? Would I have to scrap the facebook auth provided by SS and auth on the client? what happens then? how does the API know the client is authed? Are there any blog posts or anything I can read?  

Kebin Maharjan:

Hi Wayne,
Take a look at a sample app https://github.com/ServiceStackApps/SocialBootstrapApi

This sample uses social login like Twiter, Facebook. There’s also a page that explains how to use social login. Authentication and Authorization.

Wayne Douglas:

HI Kebin  -we have a HTML website iwth all of the auth providers working - we are thinking about switching to an SPA application - this works entirely different

Kebin Maharjan:

I’m not sure why this would be any different for spa? Socialbootstrap is pretty much the combination of spa and mvc.

It’s no different for a SPA app, you need to redirect to the OAuth provider to login before redirecting back to your app. The following Live Demos have examples of this:

The docs for Http Benchmarks explains this in detail: https://github.com/ServiceStackApps/HttpBenchmarks#authentication