Webhooks anyone?

We have an initial working version of ServiceStack.Webhooks working on Nuget now.

Would be interested if anyone wants to add webhooks to their existing services, and what your experience is with these packages.

Would also be interested if anyone wants to get involved in the project either extending or improving the WebhookFeature any further with us


Hey @jezzsantos. Nice work! I’m interested in giving this a try. I’ll feedback once I’ve had a chance.

We just split the ServiceStack.Webhooksnuget package and repo, to create a separate ServiceStack.Webhooks.Azure repo to develop that separately from the core.

We are now looking either to extend ServiceStack.Webhooks.Azure project for other Azure components that people would like to see (i.e. AzureSQL, Buses, etc).

And we are also looking for contributors to create other components for other technologies/architectures, like AWS, and other kinds of data stores Redis, OrmLite, MongoDB, SQL etc. etc. (i.e. ServiceStack.Webhooks.Aws containing components for Lambda sink/relays and RDS/DynamoDB subscription stores.