WebSockets implementation

Hello mythz,

I know that ServiceStack is not handling WebSockets and you are probably getting tired of hearing about it, but I was wondering how hard would it be to do it myself (small change in servicestack’s code to reroute websocket requests?) or is it even possible? I’ve been using ServiceStack for years and I swear only by it. I sold the idea to use it at my new job, but they really want to stick to WebSockets…They also might not want to use SignalR…

Thanks for you time. Thanks for ServiceStack!

You wouldn’t add it in ServiceStack, you’d typically use SignalR and add it as regular .NET Core Module outside of ServiceStack.

FYI you can also now use Server Events over gRPC Server Streams, the programming model remains the same, but now gRPC clients can efficiently consume them over a managed gRPC Server Stream.