What is the validation story with .net Core?

I see that in the .Net Core overview it states that MVC FluentValidation Validators are no longer supported. What is the current validation story for .Net Core apps? I can’t find any of the new examples that use validation.

Weird, it’s supported in all ServiceStack AppHosts, we’ve recently upgraded it to the latest FluentValidation where you also use async validators. You can even use it in ServiceStack’s new .NET Core 2.0 Web Apps :).

Docs on validation are at: http://docs.servicestack.net/validation#validation-feature

An Live Example that walks through using it is at: https://github.com/ServiceStackApps/EmailContacts/

The source code for http://plugins.web-app.io includes a jQuery plugin of auto form binding with latest bootstrap.

Maybe its sleep deprivation, but I was basing it off the above text.

Glad to know its still there. About to embark on converting a 4.5 web app to core.

By that we mean MVC’s Fluent Validation Validators, not Fluent Validation itself.