What we use instead of Swagger

In AppHost we override the Start method and we read all RestPaths.

        restPaths = appPaths.Select(path => new OurRestPath()
            Path = path.Path,
            Verbs = path.Verbs.ToList(),
            Type = GetRestTypeInfo(path.RequestType)

Then we create the schema of RequestType and Response( because of IReturn) using the GetProperties,
and expose a Json array through a configuration service. Using this service is very easy to create our Test page like Swagger.
Maybe It would be useful if such service was provided from ServiceStack.

We have an interim metadata service that’s to provide the metadata for all Add ServiceStack Reference language support at /types/metadata, e.g:

Note whilst it’s fairly stable atm, the purpose of this metadata is to capture everything we need to generate the DTO’s in each language, as such we reserve the rights to make breaking changes to it.