What's the deference between signed and unsigned dll?

I find there are two ServiceStack.Client. What’s the deference between signed and unsigned dll? Which one should i intall?

Generally you won’t need to use the Signed packaged unless you need/want them installed in a servers Global Assembly Cache or GAC.

You’ll usually need to do this if you are working within an environment or integrating with another product that requires signed DLLs.

So rule of thumb is use the packages that do not have the .Signed suffix. :smile:

Thank you.
I think i don’t need singned dll.

@layoric is right here.

Just to be concrete for a quite common case.
Lets say you are building a product and you decide (for whatever reason - no debate here) that you want to sign your own assemblies (strong name signing with an snk) then you are going to require ServiceStack.Signed, otherwise you cannot sign your own assemblies.

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