Where is the documentation and examples for C# Redis client?

Looking for documentation and examples for C# Redis client? The documentation that you get when you download ServiceStack.Redis isn’t very complete, and I see very little on the web explaining each function.

The dedicated docs on Redis Client is only on the Home Page and wiki:

With a Live Demo that you can try out on:

The APIs should be self-explanatory as to what each of them does. You can also inspect the Redis test suite for more usage examples and there’s a fair amount of content on StackOverflow:

The only documentation I found for the client is http://docs.servicestack.net/csharp-client. This looks very incomplete given all the functions and objects that exist for just the RedisClient object.

The C# ServiceClient is unrelated to the ServiceStack.Redis Client.

I see that now… Thanks you for pointing that out.

@mythz, how do I mark this as closed?

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