Where to get GetHasProvider() from?

I will follow up something I’ve been struggling (lost of session using the NHibernateUserAuthProvider - particularly, this issue). I then took the source code from here and I’m trying to compile it.

I just can’t seam to understand why I can’t access this public available method:


and I’ve referenced them all (4.0.40):


I know it has to be something easy but I completely drown in every thought but the one that fixes this :frowning:

This API was recently added in response to this issue, you will need the v4.0.41 release on MyGet to access this new API.

because it was in the master repo I didn’t thing it was a custom build.

Thank you!

MyGet contains the interim/pre-release builds between releases. You can look at the releases to scan the source code that was published in each release: https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack/releases/

FYI the GetHashProvider() method has now been removed in favor of using the IOC in order to use an alternative IHashProvider, e.g:

container.Register<IHashProvider>(c => new SaltedHash());

This change is now available on MyGet.

I ended up adding it into the class…

btw, the NHibernateUserAuthProvider code worked well after I remove all the using statements as I was getting a Session is close. You can't close the session... error

making that class a custom NBUserAuthProvider and removing all using statements like StackOverflow answer mentioned, made my day…

maybe someone else will/is having the same issue… should we change the original one or add some Note to the code about it? I can make a push request if you want.

Cool a PR would be much appreciated, thx.

The PR: