Windows Phone (RT) Support

Since Xamarin declares Windows Phone Sliverlight as deprecated I am going to switch to Windows Phone 8.1 (RT).
But unfortunally I can’t even use the ServiceStack.Interfaces package.

Dear Mythz, can you please give Windows Phone 8.1 (RT) a bit more love?
No ServiceStack.Client, no ServiceStack.HttpClient, no ServiceStack.Interface - nothing?

Kind regards,

We never supported Windows Phone in v4 because it lacked basic classes like ConcurrentDictionary and trying to support it would’ve harmed the implementation of every other supported platform. It’s less likely we’ll support it now since it’s mostly considered a dead platform with the failed Nokia aquisition and MS getting rid of most of Nokia’s employees whilst now actively developing for iOS and Android.

You can add a feature request for it to see if it’s popular, but I highly doubt we’ll be seeing a resurrection of WP in future.

To bad for me.

The only document I can find about supported client platforms is HelloMobile
Is Windows 10 UWA supported client wise?

Windows 10 UWP Apps should just be able to use the existing Windows Store PCL builds.

Yeah HelloMobile lists the different platforms supported by the PCL ServiceStack.Client builds.

I did download the ServiceStack source, loaded the ServiceStack.Pcl Solution and added Windows Phone 8.1 as another Target to the “ServiceStack.Interfaces”. It compiles just fine.

I kindly ask you to support Windows Phone 8.1 for at least the ServiceStack.Interface Package - otherwise I will spend a few days to restructure all the MessagesDto (100+) to remove the ServiceStack.Interface dependency.

Like I said it’s unlikely we’ll ever support Windows Phone in ServiceStack.Client unless there’s a noticeable investment and resurrection in the platform - but given so many billions have been wasted into WP to even get it to this point, I don’t see even an extra few billion cash injection from MS will be able to move the needle. This wasn’t our choice, MS shipped WP as another crippled .NET runtime that doesn’t justify the additional complexity and effort to maintain and support, if it had the same parity as Windows Store Apps it would’ve already been naturally supported.

But ServiceStack.Interfaces is already built with PCL Profile136, i.e. it should already support WP.

Profile 136 is Windows Phone Silverlight 8 - I need Windows Phone 8.1 (not Silverlight) - that is Profile 328 or better 344.
I am fine if you don’t support ServiceStack.Client.

Ok ServiceStack.Interfaces should now be upgraded to Profile328 from this commit.

This change is now available from v4.0.55 that’s now available on MyGet.

Thank you very much!