Would you like to update FluentValidation to latest?

https://github.com/JeremySkinner/FluentValidation has updated to 5.6.2, can servicestack.FluentValidation update to date ?

No it can’t just be updated as it’s tightly integrated with ServiceStack Validation and Error Handling.
What features are you missing?

I am missing RuleForEach (sample test code). Is it possible to include it?

You’re free to see the source and implement it, clone the repo, add your code, test it and then create a Push Request… I’m sure @mythz will include it in the next release and you can use it.

Yep that’s usually the quickest way to see new features, tho submitting feature requests works too :smile:

RuleForEach should now be implemented in this commit, this change is available from v4.0.51 that’s now available on MyGet.

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