Wrong duration in request log after updating from 5.11 to 6.8.0

After updating our servicestack application from v5.11 to v6.8.0 we have the problem that the duration is randomly displayed wrong in the requestlog. The duration is in this case clearly too long, sometimes milliseconds become several minutes. The problem only occurs when the application is run in the linux docker container. Started under windows the duration is correct. I could reproduce the behaviour also in the official vue-spa template, when build with the attached Dockerfile. I have created a repo with vue-spa project with an additional commit in which the requestlog feature was added. If you now start the application in docker and log in, log out and click through the tabs (about, …) entries with ~4 seconds appear in the requestlog which are far longer than in the browser log. This is a critical issue for us, because it’s distorts application metrics, when wrong durations are reported.

Requestlog CSV:

Browser network connections log:

Very odd, I’ve updated our request duration code to use the same logic that ASP .NET Core does to calculate Request Duration in this commit in case that’s the reason for the discrepancy.

Can you see if the problem persists in the latest v6.8.1+ that’s now available on MyGet?

Hi, I was trying to test this but this duration issue happens for the docker container only. I could not test this as I could not create the docker image for the 6.8.1 version as this is not available in Nuget yet.
Do you have any suggestions for this?

It shouldn’t be any different, you just need to have the custom NuGet.config with MyGet next to your .sln when you restore the project, or you can specify the path to NuGet.config with -configFile.

Alternatively you can use dotnet nuget add source to add the MyGet packages source, but adding NuGet.config to your project should be easier.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have checked with version 6.8.1 and found the issue is fixed. Do you have any timeline for when this version will be released?

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Hopefully within 1-2 weeks