Xamarin iOS 9.1.0 problem

After upgrading my Xamarin (Xamarin iOS, it’s a beta) the IOS version of Hello.Mobile stop working as well as my Xamarin Forms based app. I upgraded my app to 4.0.47 to no avail. Not sure what the problem is.
Could you have a look into this?

Can you please report any issues with any info about the issue (e.g. StackTrace) to: https://github.com/ServiceStack/Issues

Also since this is a result of upgrading to beta Xamarin software it’s likely an Xamarin issue and would appreciate it if you can register the issue with them as well.

I created an test project to show the problem. However the project showed there was no problem. I’m not sure but it could be in how the screen is created in my test project (XAML with codebehind).

In any case I tried to attach the sample project to this reply however uploading a .zip isn’t allowed. Not sure if you want this issue (which seems to be a non-issue) in github?

The most important part of reporting an issue is that it includes enough info to be able to identify and reproduce the issue.

The easiest way to provide a repro that requires more than a single class is to create a new GitHub repo and link to it from the issue.

link to the testproject on github

Please include the steps to repro (run which project?) and what’s the ServiceStack Exception/Error I should be looking for? Please provide as much details about the error as possible, e.g the StackTrace showing its a ServiceStack exception and not environment related, which code has the issue, etc.

At the moment I have no idea what the issue is or what I should be looking for or if it’s even a ServiceStack issue.

This solution doesn’t even build:

Well actually it does compile/build, you are having the same problem I had a couple of days ago (https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/54275/xamarin-forms-1-5-1-troubles-on-new-project). The trick was/is to manually replace some zip’s.
But as I said in my second post: this test project showed there was no (ServiceStack related) problem. I just uploaded the project to GitHub a) to test working with GitHub from VS2015, b) because I got the impression from your second post you wanted to have a look.