MyGet feed broken

The ServiceStack package on the MyGet feed is broken again. gives a 404 (BlobNotFound) error.

Please redeploy.

This has happened before. Do you have any indication of what’s causing this? It’s a big headache when our builds all fail because package restore is broken.

NuGet itself is very unhelpful here too. It outputs the 404 error message without saying what package it’s trying to restore. I had to capture the http traffic to see where the 404s were coming from.

I’m guessing it’s because you were trying to download them as I was in the middle of deploying them (takes about 20mins). They’ve finished deploying now, can you try to download them again?

They’re now available.

The odd thing is that it seems to have been only the main ServiceStack package that wasn’t available. The other ServiceStack.* packages were always available.

I’m also quite sure it was longer than 20 minutes. My CI builds started failing close to 24 hours ago.

If it happens again, is there any more specific information I can give you that will help to find the cause of the problem?

I did have to do 2 deploys very close together. But not seeing anything else that can be done except redeploying again.